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01 Busan Newspaper 2018-10-19

James Hong, the CEO of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. donated 10 million won to Dong-A University's 'Dong-A 100 Years Together' campaign as a development fund.

01 Busan Newspaper 2018-10-19

"I will do my utmost so that more alumni and acquaintances can participate."

From the left, Hwang Gyu-Hong, Director of External Relations, Han Seok-Jeong, President of Dong-A University, James Hong, the CEO of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD., Kim Jae-Hyeon, the Chief Secretary. Provided by Dong-A University .

Dong-A University(President Han Seok-Jeong) announced on the 19th that James Hong, the CEO of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. donated 10 million won to the development fund of 'Dong-A 100 Years Together', a school love campaign.

James Hong, who is actively engaged in global trading business mainly in Africa, has served as a founding member of the Dong-A Business Forum, a group of representatives from Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam, and served as vice president, and is currently in charge of audit with deep affection. In addition, James Hong, who is in the 80th of the Law Department, is a symbol of the 'Dong-A family' as his son(Tourism Management, 11th) and his older sister(Department of History, 78th) are also Dong-A University alumni.

While attending law school, he worked as a reporter for the school's English-language newspaper, 'Dong-A Herald', and had a dream that 'I want to make it happen on the global stage'. To James Hong, who has been running his business for 30 years after working for a trading company, President Han said, "The real Dong-A man produced by Dong-A University with the meaning of starting in East Asia and expanding to the world” and also asked, "If you have a chance, please deliver an enterprising energy to students through special lectures."

The CEO, James Hong humbly said, "Wouldn't this culture spread more widely when a person like me who is not great enough donate?" and added, "I will do my utmost to help alumni and acquaintances participate more in the "100 Years of Dong-A Companion" campaign.

Since 1990, when there were few Koreans in Africa, the CEO, James Hong, who has been called as an 'African expert' by traveling all over the world, has been carrying out global trading & exporting businesses based on various items such as OPP adhesive tapes, which are essential materials for manufacturing, fishing nets, ropes, generators, and used cars as well. He is also deeply interested in social supporting projects and has been enthusiastically dedicated to sponsoring Western Africa, which suffers from AIDS and Ebola, and putting so much of efforts in building orphanages and medical facilities too.

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