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08 Joeun Newspaper 2022-01-27

[Joeun Interview] James Hong, the CEO of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is desperate to establish technical orphanage for Africa’s independence.

08 Joeun Newspaper 2022-01-27

DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD., 10 million won donation to ‘Fruit of Love’ in Busan Department

[(Busan) Joeun News = Reporter Lee Jae-Hoon] DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.’s CEO, James Hong donated 10 million won to the ‘Fruit of Love’ in Busan on the 22nd of last month. We met with DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.’s CEO, James Hong, a global OPP adhesive tape exporter who participated in the ‘Hope 2022 Sharing Campaign’, and heard his thoughts on the donation.

Q. CEO Greetings

Hello. This is James Hong, the CEO of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.. I firstly entered Africa with fishing nets business in 1991, and after working as a salary man for such a long time, I became independent in 2014.

Our company handles various types of packaging products including OPP adhesive tapes and general consumption materials, and exports all these products to the world's No.1 manufacturer and distributor of black wigs, SOLPIA Group every year.

Q. Feelings of Donation to the ‘Fruit of Love Sharing Campaign’

Although our company is not a very large company, we decided to donate with the intention of developing together with society in the future.

I went to Africa in 1991 for the first time and due to such a close ties with the Togo Republic in Western Africa, we received a free donation of land from the Togo government a few years ago to establish an orphanage and a school in an area called "GATOKOPE" and we are preparing to open this up with people who have the same will.

In addition, we have been regularly donating to Togo every year to treat diseases such as AIDS and Ebola, and we have been also preparing the technology orphanages that educate a variety of technologies in a broad spectrum. Moreover, we have been actively supporting the independence and education of African orphans by inviting retired engineers from Korea, and we have been helping children in difficult circumstances by delivering necessary supplies such as school supplies and clothing through regular donations every year.

Q. Introducing key products of DAEBANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

Our company mainly produces various kinds of packaging materials and general consumption materials. Fishing nets and ropes are sourced and exported from China through our close partner. Also, generators trained previously in the Korean branch of a generator specialized company based in Italy are also exported to Africa and South America.

Q. Management Philosophy and Future Plans

The entire world, including Africa, is suffering from the corona virus. We will do our best to support Africa even more, and we will help them grow in many ways so that they can stand proudly as members of the global village.

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