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12 Busan Newspaper 2023-04-02

Daebang Industry Co., Ltd. - Aron Group Co., Ltd. joint research business agreement signed

12 Busan Newspaper 2023-04-02

Daebang Industry Co., Ltd., an industrial adhesive tape manufacturer with strengths in the African market (Chief Brand Manager CBO and Overseas Sales and Marketing Director Jun-Hyung Hong, left) and the global cross-border payment platform service company, Aron Group Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin-Young Park, right) Eric Sunshiksim) signed a strategic business agreement on joint research and commercialization on the 30th of last month at the head office of Aron Group in Guro-gu, Seoul.

Through this agreement, a very close and profound communication and formal partnerships, overall system construction and network infrastructure in Africa Expansion will be actively pursued along with Daebang Industry Co., Ltd.’s solid local PSP (Payment Service Provider) corporates in Africa and fintech-related business partners, such as acquirers.
Daebang Industry Co., Ltd., which has dominated the African market for decades, has been accelerating its new fintech-related business starting from the end of November last year.
Jun-Hyung Hong, general director, said, “I went on a business trip to Cape Town, South Africa at the end of November last year and checked the online and offline payment systems in South Africa with my own eyes. In addition, after experiencing the pandemic of Corona 19, in order to overcome the fundamental imperfect mechanism of the offline distribution network, I desperately thought that it was necessary to establish both offline and online distribution networks at the same time and then very accidently I came across this global PSP business.”
Daebang Industry Co., Ltd. is a premium industrial tape manufacturer that boasts the highest quality in the industry. It’s a global manufacturing, exporting, trading, and distribution group specializing in packaging products and general consumer goods that handles not only industrial tapes but also overall packaging materials such as stretch film (wrap), PP & PE poly bags, carton boxes, generators, and transportation equipments such as used cars and used motorcycles.
The head office is located in Busan, and there are three production subsidiaries in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, Taizhou and Shenzhen, China, and local trading subsidiaries in Taizhou, China and Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.
Its main stage is Africa, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, but it has special strengths especially in the African market.

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